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The company owns the public car sales public, which is owned by Jiangsu diligent Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Ding Hauser special car Co., Ltd., and Shenyang fixed long technology limited company. The main products are: LED advertising car, LED propaganda car, multimedia ad car, mobile ad car, electric advertising car, LED fire truck, multimedia stage car, advertising media car, advertising vehicle, mobile dining car, mobile stage tour car, video advertising car, outdoor big screen traction car, etc.

The technology type LED advertising car produced by Jiangsu Li Teng New Energy Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of time saving, convenient and reliable operation, complete function, beautiful appearance and so on. After many experiments and user feedback, the product has been continuously optimized to improve the structure, function, quality and stability of the product.

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25 June, 2018

Users will have some concerns before buying LED advertising vehicles. Can this LED advertising vehicle legally make its way? If not, what should we do? Isn't it a lot of money at once? In fact, we do not have to worry ...

25 June, 2018

Electric cars are not unfamiliar to everybody, small electric toy cars, electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric four-wheeled vehicles, electric tourist sightseeing vehicles, etc., which are widely seen on the market, and even everyone can have, but electric ...

25 June, 2018

The advertising vehicle is equipped with a broadcast-quality video playback system, with beautiful advertisements on both sides and in the tail. It travels through the streets of the bustling city and covers the major commercial districts of the city.

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