Introduction to Electric Vehicles


Electric cars are not unfamiliar to everybody, small electric toy cars, electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric four-wheeled vehicles, electric tourist sightseeing vehicles, etc., which are widely seen on the market, and even everyone can have, but electric advertisements The car is believed to be uncommon. He is the perfect combination of an electric car and high-definition outdoor display. It will give you an unusual visual experience. It can not only demonstrate the effectiveness of advertising, but also save energy and protect the environment. It is favored by numerous individual businesses and government propaganda, and the new energy electric advertisement vehicle developed by Jiangsu Qinding Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. is the product of the new era, its low-carbon environmental protection ideological route, innovative outdoor advertising forms, and low investment. The cost is a unique feature of the electric vehicle. It is this unique character and personal advantage that is gradually accepted and recognized by the customer. The electric advertising vehicle is the same as the driving principle of other electric vehicles. Battery pack power supply, easy to use, low cost, vehicle size can be configured according to customer requirements of different specifications and size of the display.