LED advertising car card description


Users will have some concerns before buying LED advertising vehicles. Can this LED advertising vehicle legally make its way? If not, what should we do? Isn't it a lot of money at once? In fact, we do not have to worry about this issue. As long as the selected manufacturers, LED advertising vehicles can legally hit the road.

First of all, is LED advertising vehicle legal?

At present, LED advertising vehicles have already applied for an announcement in the National Development and Reform Commission, and can be listed on the road after being tested by the Vehicle Management Bureau. So, just like buying a private car, everyone must be assured.

Second, can LED advertising vehicles legally get on the road?

The reason why everyone has this question is mainly because most of LED advertising vehicles have their own external sounds and are afraid of causing interference to residents. In fact, the liquidity of LED advertising vehicles is very strong, and compared to the traditional fixed advertising screens, it has solved the problem of disturbing people. Therefore, in our country's laws, there is no explicit prohibition on the operation of LED advertising vehicles.

However, everybody must let the merchant show the formal propaganda vehicle formality when buying a car, because only when has handled the formal complete formalities, can guarantee that there is no problem on the road. And Jiangsu Qinding Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. as a professional LED advertising vehicle manufacturer, all our vehicles can be listed on the road, eliminating the worries of everyone.

Although LED advertising vehicles can be legally on the road, but in order to be more secure, we must pay attention to the following points:

1, for different local conditions, some areas need everyone to go to the local cultural bureau to go through relevant formalities and file for the record. At the same time, they must apply for a publicity vehicle license in the Urban Management Bureau and apply for a permit at the traffic police department.

2, everyone must buy a regular LED advertising car manufacturers, in order to get a regular certificate, a formal invoice, so that you do not have to worry about the illegal conversion of the vehicle, you can directly on the license plate.

3, Since LED advertising vehicles belong to the national support projects, LED advertising vehicles do not need to apply for an operation certificate, and they only need to select yellow or blue card models according to their operating environment.

4, After getting the car, you must first go to the Urban Management Bureau to handle the urban publicity permit, and then go to the traffic control department to apply for a permit.