Li Teng advantage of advertising vehicles


1 cabin overall use of steel skeleton handmade;

2 envelope structural material of a corrosion-rolled steel, smooth envelope surface of a circular arc compartment whole package side, bottom and sloping side skirt treatment; flat top, turn the tail lights, brake lights, tail lights, warning lights; beautiful appearance atmosphere;

3 front compartment, cooling the web arranged louvers, exhaust fan; increase the in-car air circulation loop; ensure that the amount of intake air volume and exhaust unit.

4 The top of the compartment is equipped with lights, ceilings and sunroofs; the floor of the compartment is a special board for the bridge; durable; the floor is reserved for ventilation; the rear door of the compartment is a side opening door with a door lock, and there is a stair step under the door; the ladder can be turned upside down and used. Pins are fixed to the lower part of the compartment;

5 The fixed apron is installed at the bottom of the carriage; the entire vehicle line is safely refitted, equipped with an external power cord, weak current protection device, etc. All the electrical wiring is made of PVC flame retardant insulation tube;

The paint is sprayed on the surface and sprayed and waxed through the entire vehicle to make the surface bright and the paint layer firm.