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Introduction of Jiangsu Li Teng New Energy Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Li Teng New Energy Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. is a large and modern comprehensive enterprise specializing in the development and sale of various special vehicles. The company owns the public car sales public, which is owned by Jiangsu diligent Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Ding Hauser special car Co., Ltd., and Shenyang fixed long technology limited company. The main products are: LED advertising car, LED propaganda car, multimedia ad car, mobile ad car, electric advertising car, LED fire truck, multimedia stage car, advertising media car, advertising vehicle, mobile dining car, mobile stage tour car, video advertising car, outdoor big screen traction car, etc.

The technology type LED advertising car produced by Jiangsu Li Teng New Energy Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of time saving, convenient and reliable operation, complete function, beautiful appearance and so on. After many experiments and user feedback, the product has been continuously optimized to improve the structure, function, quality and stability of the product. The core components are famous brands and excellent suppliers at home and abroad to ensure product quality. At present, Li Teng advertising car has become the only designated cooperative enterprise in many domestic, high-end enterprises and institutions and individual LED advertising vehicles, LED propaganda cars, and LED stage cars.

Jiangsu Li Teng New Energy Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and application of technology in safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy saving and automation. The beauty, economy and functionality of products are emphasized. The products are rated as "Chinese consumer satisfaction brand", "national quality service satisfied brand" and "famous brand products"; enterprises are rated as "keeping contract heavy credit" enterprises, bank "AAA" credit enterprises, high-tech enterprises.

Jiangsu Lishen new energy car industry Co., Ltd. is in line with the enterprise style of "taking technology as life, seeking survival by quality", with the management idea of "winning the market with good faith and opening up the market by innovation", in today's vigorous development of the special car industry.

Bulletin parameters of LED propaganda car in Fukuda


After-sale and maintenance instructions

1. Technical training program:

After the user is buying the LED ad car, before using the LED ad car, the company will train the personnel of the equipment free of charge, mainly from the basic principle of how the driver operates the special device and the training of the general malfunction ability.

2. After service:

When the chassis part of the LED advertising vehicle fails and needs to be repaired, it can be repaired at the technical service station near the user's site. It is difficult to repair sites, technical forces, and contacts. We can see the advertising vehicle chassis "maintenance manual" and "three pack service book". The maintenance of the special device part of the LED advertisement car can be connected by telephone, WeChat, QQ and other communication tools. Our company will have the professional and technical personnel to help to solve the problem or home service within 24 hours of receiving the user's telephone (if necessary).

3, free maintenance plan and time limit:

After the customer buys the LED ad car, the ad car is free to repair within 10000 kilometers or within one year (excluding vulnerable parts and electrical parts) within the normal scope of use, and LED advertising car for more than one year, and only charge for parts. If the quality problems caused by improper operation or improper use and accidents occur, our company will provide timely repair services, but the maintenance cost will be borne by the users.

Full vehicle certificate of LED propaganda car in Fukuda


Technical description of the manufacturing process of the display and vehicle

1、P6 Outdoor Full Color Display SMD3535(1R1G1B)


①  The whole carriage is made of steel skeletons.

②  The structural material of the car body is anticorrosive cold-rolled steel plate, the surface of the car body is smooth and smooth. The whole car is surrounded by an arc, and the bottom plate and the skirt plate are treated. The top is flat, and the rear part has a turn signal, brake light, taillight and warning light; the appearance is beautiful. atmosphere;

③  The shutters and exhaust fans are arranged at the front and rear compartments to dissipate heat; the circulation of the air in the compartment is increased; and the air intake and air discharge of the unit are ensured.

④  The top of the compartment is equipped with lights, ceilings and sunroofs; the floor of the compartment is a special board for the bridge; durable; the floor is reserved for ventilation; the rear door of the compartment is a side opening door with a door lock, and there is a stair step under the door; the ladder can be turned upside down and used. Pins are fixed to the lower part of the compartment;

⑤  The fixed apron is installed at the bottom of the carriage; the entire vehicle line is safely refitted, equipped with an external power cord, weak current protection device, etc. All the electrical wiring is made of PVC flame retardant insulation tube;

The surface is sprayed with paint, painted and waxed on the entire vehicle, making the surface bright and the paint layer firm.

Quoting of Fukuda LED propaganda car

P10 one color screen, one side of the glass roller tail monochrome red screen: 148 thousand

P8 one color screen, one side of the glass roller tail monochrome red screen: 158 thousand

P6 one color screen, one side of the glass roller tail monochrome red screen: 168 thousand

P10 double side color screen monochrome red screen: 158 thousand

P8 double side color screen monochrome red screen: 170 thousand

P6 double side color screen monochrome red screen: 188 thousand

P10 display size: 3840*1760mm (6.76m²)

P8 display size: 3840*1792mm (6.88m²)

P6 display size: 3840*1728mm (6.64m²)

Color screen Description: P10 is the standard screen, P8 is high clean screen, and P6 is super clean screen. All the color screens are waterproof and shockproof.

Note: the hydraulic lifting of the display screen and the function of the hydraulic stage are the functions of the selection (not included in the quotation). These methods are conventional methods, and other methods can be designed according to the requirements of the customers, on the premise that the size of the vehicle is not the same. Jiangsu Li Teng factory direct sale, tailor for you, save all circulation links, so that you can spend the right price to buy the right car. Li Teng, Jiangsu, wish you a happy car purchase.

After sale service: vehicle warranty for one year, LED color screen warranty for three years.


Our Services

24 hours online service

Enquiry will be replied in 2 hours

One year warranty

1%-2%Spare Parts

Our Advantages

1. High quality and professional manufacturer

2. Advanced equipments for testing and manufacturing 

3. Customized service according to your inquiry

4. Short lead time 

5. Good after-sale service

1. Led advertising car has a few screens?

A: led advertising car, you can use single-sided full-color, double-sided full-color screen, three full-color screen, but also can be used on the left single-sided full-color screen, on the right tempered glass roller plus inkjet, behind the monochrome caption screen.

2. What are the configuration parameters of advertising vehicles?

A: The advertising vehicle adopts a silent generator and can also choose a battery. The generator is easy to use and can be used to generate electricity. However, the use cost is slightly higher. It requires regular inspection and maintenance. The battery pack is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the use cost is greatly reduced. Full of electricity is only about ten yuan, so each has its own advantages, according to customer custom configuration! 

3. What are the color screen specifications of advertising vehicles?

A: My company's screen has outdoor P8, P6, P5 (the smaller the value, the higher the resolution, the more expensive the price) and other commonly used specifications, Taiwan wafer lamp beads, warranty for 3 years, lifelong sale!

4. What are the components of advertising vehicles?

A: From the chassis, color screen, compartment, power supply system, circulating air cooling system, silent generator (or battery pack), waterproof sound column, power amplifier, etc., can be equipped with screen lift and body with hydraulic stage features!

5.What are the models of advertising vehicles?

A: The small-scale advertising vehicle first Futian Jiatu (screen size: long 2560mm high 1664mm, side screen 4.3 square, tail screen 1.22 square), small and medium-sized advertising vehicle with Foton Little Star 2, (screen size : Side screen 3072mm high, 1664mm, screen 5.1 sq. ft, tail 1.64 sq. ft. Medium-sized advertising vehicle with Foton Small Star 3, Futian Kangrui H2, Futian Aoling, Futian pilot, Liberation (screen size: side screen length 3840 high 1760mm, tail screen 1.8 square)

6. What should I do if the advertising vehicle does not buy home?

A: We have manufacturers of professional and technical personnel free one on one guidance and training, including teaching packages, customers are welcome to book enough!